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If you work in fashion/retail or follow it at all, you know September is a big month. It's fashion week in NYC where all the designers show their Spring/Summer lines on the runway, and then market week follows where everyone sets up showrooms and buyers from all over come and see all the collections. 

It's helpful to see things in person, and meet the vendors (the small brands we work with often have the designer/owner there showing the lines!) to deepen our relationships with the people we're working with!

I hadn't planned on making it this year, but the plane ticket was just cheap enough to plan the trip on a whim. I asked my friend Kelly who owns Alma out on Whidbey Island if she wanted to join and split a hotel with me. Love a friend who can be spontaneous with a cross country trip :) 

Highlights include:

1. Librae Bakery - a third culture bakery influenced by flavors from the Middle East using fermentation techniques from Copenhagen. 

2. Superbueno - superb cocktails and modern mexican fare. 

3. Oroboro - All the best things in one store

4. Public Hotel - great location and a beautiful room!

5. Desert Vintage - if you've been in the vintage world you know this as a shop in Tuscon who opened a NYC location in early 2022. Primo primo vintage. 

6. Popup Bagels - IYKYK

7. King - make a reservation, you won't regret it. 

8. Fresh Kills, Mogador & Layla - AKA a night in Brooklyn

9. Dimes - Market, Deli, Cafe - take your pick. 

10. Bode - The one and only. If you can't make it, the next best thing is grabbing a copy of The New Antiquarians, to get a peek inside Emily's home. 

11. Casetta - Transported to Europe for the morning

12. Salter House - Yes, it's as lovely as you'd think.