With love, from Spain

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With love, from Spain

I instantly fell in love with Limo's innovative use of linen, a long time staple in my closet. This Winter collection made me EXCITED, the way good clothes should. It's art, it's emotional and to finally see and touch these pieces in person solidified the absolute adoration I have for this brand. Epi, Limo's designer was kind enough to chat with me about this year's Winter collection (shop here).

Hoste: What's your favorite piece from the FW collection?

Epi: My favorite piece is the Merino sheep's wool stuffed vest, (Down vest). The wool filling of merino sheep from the mountains of León, very close to our city, is something very special to me. It is made in a century-old artisan workshop in a village near the mountains where the sheep live. When you handle the "napa" blanket, which is what the raw wool blanket carded is called, you can see the seeds of the flowers between the wool fibers and smell the lanolin that still remains after washing. The sheep of this area produce the longest fibers as very low temperatures are reached in the winter. This made it once be one of the most sought-after wools in Europe. As the fibers are tubes filled with air the vest is incredible warm and light and smells and carries a little piece of the country side.

 We are working hand in hand with the artisan at the moment on the centennial looms making a fabric for the collection of next winter that we are sure you will love, so soft and light. 

Hoste: What's your favorite way to style/wear it? 

Epi: I have an orange vest. Now that the cold starts here, I like to wear it with a tan wool sweater from the FW20/21 collection and the pita hat tied around the neck like a scarf, black loose drop waist pants and fluffy sandals. I also really liked it with a blue striped t-shirt with long sleeves and vintage Levis.

Hoste: Can you tell us more about the raincoat & hat?

Epi: What I like most about the trench coat is that it represents the spirit of the LIMO brand very well. On the one hand it is a completely genderless garment, its hallmarks; the large collars and the pocket covers that reach the back do not point to any particular gender. It is designed to last a long time and be used at all times of the year, the raglan sleeves with a very wide armhole allow you to wear layers of clothing underneath for the colder seasons. In rainy summers, which are abundant here, it can be worn with a cape style, with a t-shirt and shorts, because the linen inner face is very comfortable in contact with the skin and the fabric is very flexible and breathable. I hope it will be used for many years to come.

The hat is inspired by the ones worn by Basque fishermen when there were still small fishing ports within the city, fishing boats were inside the city and you could see them when you came from the beach in summer. The long flight is to glide the water so that your shoulders and back don't get wet. Wait until you see next season's ones, they're still longer!

Hoste: Some of the pieces have recycled polyester in them, can you tell us where that comes from and the benefit of using it? 


Epi: It is made in Europe out of 85% polyester fibers of post-consumer recycled pet bottles. The first positive impact that is achieved by recycling PET is to reduce energy consumption in the process of manufacturing new plastic, also reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills. Despite this, the garments continue to release micropalstics in the wash, so we recommend ventilating the garments after use and only washing only when strictly necessary.


Thanks to Epi and the whole Limo team for these beautiful pieces and putting sustainability at the forefront of their business.